Do You Forget the Dutch You’ve Learned? 7 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Intro Peter: Does learning a language feel likeā€¦ in one ear and out the other? Chigusa: And do you have trouble remembering all the words and grammar rules? Peter: Well, you should know that it’s completely normal to forget… Chigusa: ….but there are simple, proven ways to boost your memory…. Peter: …and remember all of … Read more

7 Ways to Improve Your Dutch Speaking Skills

Intro Chigusa: Listeners, are you afraid of speaking in your target language? Peter: Well, you’re not alone. According to most learners, Speaking is their number one weakness. Chigusa: And in today’s Sunday News, you’ll figure out… Peter: …why speaking is the most common weakness… Chigusa: and the 7 ways you can improve your speaking skills… … Read more