Weisswurst- Traditional German White sausage

No other sausage is as typical for the Octoberfest, as the Weisswurst, the famous Bavarian white sausage. They are delicious served warm with some sweet mustard (affiliate link) and a Bavarian Pretzel on the side. A cool Weißbier (Wheat beer) will finish off this traditional meal. Let’s have a look in detail at this famous … Read more

Authentic German Sauerbraten – Traditional Gasthaus Recipe

This German pot roast is one of the most famous German dishes. Some people might even say, that Sauerbraten is Germany’s national dish. In this post I will show you that it is really easy to make an authentic German Sauerbraten with this foolproof, easy recipe. The crucial ingredients for a perfect Sauerbraten are patience … Read more

Berliner Donut – Traditional German Recipe

This authentic German recipe features soft, fluffy Berliner (German style doughnuts) which are filled with delicious jam and Nutella and are dusted with a generous amount of powdered sugar. Berliner donuts are popular pastry that you can find in every bakery all year around in Germany. The are enjoyed by people of all ages for … Read more