Can We Use the Front & Back Cameras at the Same Time on Android? | by Iveta Jurcikova | Sep 2022

Source: TL;DR: Yes, if the device’s software and hardware support it, which can’t be taken for granted. Currently, the only way how to query it is to use the concurrent camera streaming API or look for the FEATURE_CAMERA_CONCURRENT feature on the system. Many modern Android phones have more than one camera on the front … Read more

The 7 features I miss most when going back to Java after spending time with Kotlin | by Simon Wirtz | Sep 2022

I miss those features! Sea you soon 🙂 This is an updated version of an old post I wrote some years ago. I have been professionally working with Kotlin for the last 4–5 years in which I never really cared about Java. I am still a Kotlin fanboy but let me be clear here: This … Read more

Time Selection Screen for Timer App in Jetpack Compose — Part I | by Saurabh Pant | May, 2022

The time is running out! Source: Proxima Studio This article covers the approach and development of the timer app which simply shows a timer selection screen where user can select for how long to run a timer. The time running part will be covered in Part II. In this part, focus is on designing and … Read more

Low on Time? The Easiest Way to Create a Dutch Learning Routine

Intro Chigusa: Listeners, what if there was a way to start learning a language… in just minutes a day… Peter: …without having to carve out time… or trying to wake up earlier… Chigusa: So you can get going with your language goal, start speaking, start progressing… Peter: …and not fall off, like you’ve done so … Read more