Reclaim the reactivity of your state management, say no to imperative MVI | by Gabor Varadi | May, 2022

Do you find yourself chasing for “clean code, clean architecture, clean design, clean state management” yet still feel bogged down in a sea of ​​boilerplate for even the simplest of tasks — such as showing a simple list fetched with a coroutine? Surely this could be done in a single line or maybe about seven, … Read more

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile — sharing the UI State management | by Guilherme Delgado | Apr, 2022

In my previous story, I’ve talked about why I believe we can strongly improve the UI State management between the View and ViewModel on Android, by using a Model-View-Intent (MVI) architecture with the help of a Finite State Machine (FSM): In this story, I’ll guide you through the steps needed to upgrade this solution to … Read more