Authentic German Schnitzel with Jager Sauce –

Jagerschnitzel is probably one of the most iconic German dishes. It’s the ideal marriage of a great German schnitzel served with the most delectable mushroom gravy. This classic German recipe features the authentic Jägerschitzel with brown mushroom gravy. Surprise your family and friends with this traditional German dish that tastes like it came from a … Read more

Zwiebelschnitzel – German Schnitzel with Onion Gravy

Home » Recipes » German Recipes Published: Jun 28, 2022 Modified: Jun 28, 2022 by Angela Schofield · Leave a Comment Zwiebelschnitzel is a delicious German schnitzel with a lusciously aromatic onion sauce.The dish appears to be elaborate, but the recipe is simple and quick to prepare, and it is incredibly tasty. While pork is … Read more

German Schnitzel – Authentic German Pork Schnitzel Recipe

The whole world loves great German schnitzels. The thin pounded, breaded cutlet is so popular because it is comfort food at its best. German schnitzels are not only popular at Oktoberfest but all year long. Let me show you how to make an authentic German schnitzel and which German side dishes are traditionally served with … Read more