How to mock Retrofit API calls (or any other interface) | by Roman Kamyshnikov | Apr, 2022

In Android development, it’s quite common that we need to start working on a feature before the backend is ready. While we’re waiting for it to be ready, there are several ways to mock it, like using Postman, Firebase or Charles Proxy, but all these methods require some sort of initial setup that often needs … Read more

Modeling Retrofit Responses With Sealed Classes and Coroutines | by Jaewoong Eum | Apr, 2022

Unsplash@S5jD0E8DOC0 As the rate of data communication increases, the complexity of the application architecture also increases. How an application handles API responses will determine its overall architectural design and code complexity. In this post, you will cover how to model Retrofit responses with Coroutines and Sealed classes to reduce code complexity and make your application … Read more