The definitive guide to test doubles on Android — Part 2: Practice | by Phillipe Silva | May, 2022

Mocks, stubs, fakes, dummies, and spies on Android: from theory to (good) practice Photo by alireza irajinia on Unsplash In the first part of this series, we learned the theory involving the usage of test doubles. Now let’s cover how to use them in the Android world with some examples! In case we would like … Read more

The Easiest Way to Practice Dutch on Your Own

Intro Peter: Listeners, do you get to practice the language that you’re learning? Chigusa: If not… If you’re just taking the language in… and not using what you’ve learned… Peter: Then you’re missing a crucial part of the learning process — the practice — which helps you remember and use the language with confidence. Chigusa: … Read more