Optimizing Android Performance. When we are writing Android code, our… | by Sonika Srivastava | Jul, 2022

When we are writing Android code, our focus is mainly on the UI, event handling, background task and backend integration. We hardly think about the performance of the app and usually take it for granted. Here we are going to look into some important aspects, which heavily impact the performance of our app, and also … Read more

Exploring Google’s Now in Android Open-Source Project | by Jaewoong Eum | Jul, 2022

Google has announced a new open-source project, Now in Android. In this article, you will cover the overall architecture, each layer, and tech stacks that are used in Now in Android project, such as Material3, Jetpack Compose, and app performance. Before you dive in, we recommend cloning the Now in Android on your local device … Read more

The Quick Developer’s Guide for Migrating Apps to Android 12 | by Sahil Sharma | Jul, 2022

Getting your app ready for SplashScreen API, Approximate Location, PendingIntent Mutability and much more… Photo by Sebastian Bednarek on Unsplash Google announced Android 12(L) on October 2021 and by March 2022 the stable build was released starting with the Pixel phones and soon followed by other major brands. Android 12 comes with some big visual … Read more

Kaspresso and ADB server. Hello everyone! | by Senchurin Nick | Jul, 2022

Hello everyone! We are continuing our series of articles about Kaspresso. This is the first article from the advanced section, where we’ll talk about the details and nuances of the Kaspresso feature implementation. If we compare the existing automation frameworks, the execution of ADB commands is often considered an advantage for Appium. But this is … Read more

How to learn Kotlin with IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio integrated courses | by Alex Forrester | Jul, 2022

This article reviews some of the courses available with the EduTools Plugin IntelliJ IDEA where you can read up on the theory and then practice exercises directly in the IDE. The advantage of this approach is that you are applying what you have learned straight away. You also gain familiarity with the Integrated Development Environment, … Read more