Adaptive UI with Jetpack Compose. Why Adaptive UI | by Udit Verma | Sep 2022

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash Android has been powering a wide variety of devices with all types of screen sizes. Starting from compact 4 inch displays all the way upto tablets with 12+ inches displays, and now, we have foldables and full blown desktops capable of running android apps. This makes it more important … Read more

Why We Adopted Jetpack Compose

Illustrated with Feature Examples Introduction I recently wrote (and updated) a blog post about our product feature that was completely rewritten with Jetpack Compose. Jetpack Compose: Backdrop Component After the grinding but also exciting development phase, I have come to a good checkpoint to reflect on what we have been doing and why. I can … Read more

Build a Real-Time Android WhatsApp Clone With Jetpack Compose

In social messaging applications, the reliable and robust chat feature is the essential part. In this article, you will learn how to build your own real-time Android WhatsApp project with Jetpack Compose and Stream’s versatile Compose Chat SDK. Also, you will learn the overall architecture, each layer, and theming that are used in WhatsApp-Clone-Compose project. … Read more

Gesture-Handling Modifiers in Jetpack Compose | by Sherry Yuan

Photo by Ebuen Clemente Jr on Unsplash Jetpack Compose is Android’s modern UI toolkit, where UI elements are built with declarative Composable functions. It offers a new set of APIs to help detect user gestures. If you haven’t worked with Compose yet, I suggest learning its basics before reading this article. This article is part … Read more

How Gestures Work in Jetpack Compose | by Sherry Yuan

Photo by Edvard Alexander Rølvaag on Unsplash This article is the fifth and final part of my Android Touch System series, and covers how pointer events work in the Jetpack Compose hierarchy, some limitations of gesture detection in Compose, and how to create custom Modifiers for overcoming the limitations. It assumes readers have some understanding … Read more

Jetpack Compose bottom sheet over Android view using Kotlin extension | by Ziv Kesten | Jun, 2022

This article will teach us how to build Kotlin extensions for Activity and fragment to display bottom sheets using Jetpack compose. Photo by Ziv Kesten One of the sleekest UI components out there is the Bottom sheet, a view that pops up from the bottom of the screen to display some information or represent an … Read more

Time Selection Screen for Timer App in Jetpack Compose — Part I | by Saurabh Pant | May, 2022

The time is running out! Source: Proxima Studio This article covers the approach and development of the timer app which simply shows a timer selection screen where user can select for how long to run a timer. The time running part will be covered in Part II. In this part, focus is on designing and … Read more

Jetpack Compose under the hood: Touch Events | by Andrei Belous | May, 2022

DISCLAIMER: This article was written in September 2021 for compose 1.0.0 and is definitely not describing a full power and all possible cases of touch event handling, but hopefully will help to understand a bit how touch events are flowing inside Jetpack Compose. And also there will be a lot of code snippets also belonging … Read more

Jetpack Compose for Late Adopters | by Jimly Asshiddiqy | May, 2022

Photo by Edho Pratama on Unsplash For you who’s not sure about learning jetpack compose or not THere’s this new trending library in Android application development called compose, it was announced in Google I/O 2019 more or less three years ago. Since then, it’s started growing more and more bigger and better. Many people are … Read more