The Quick Developer’s Guide for Migrating Apps to Android 12 | by Sahil Sharma | Jul, 2022

Getting your app ready for SplashScreen API, Approximate Location, PendingIntent Mutability and much more… Photo by Sebastian Bednarek on Unsplash Google announced Android 12(L) on October 2021 and by March 2022 the stable build was released starting with the Pixel phones and soon followed by other major brands. Android 12 comes with some big visual … Read more

City Guide Bath: Sehenswürdigkeiten, Vegan Food & mehr

(English version here) Für alle, die in England unterwegs sind oder eine Reise dorthin planen: Ein Trip nach Bath lohnt sich immer! Bath ist eine englische Stadt in der Nähe von Bristol. London ist circa 1,5 Stunden per Zug entfernt. Dank der heißen Quellen in der Region zieht Bath schon seit Tausenden von Jahren BesucherInnen … Read more

The definitive guide to test doubles on Android — Part 2: Practice | by Phillipe Silva | May, 2022

Mocks, stubs, fakes, dummies, and spies on Android: from theory to (good) practice Photo by alireza irajinia on Unsplash In the first part of this series, we learned the theory involving the usage of test doubles. Now let’s cover how to use them in the Android world with some examples! In case we would like … Read more

🖌 The Guide To Your First Annotation Processor with KSP (And Becoming A Kotlin Artist) | by Adib Faramarzi | May, 2022

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash In this article, we are going to create a KSP-based annotation processor that generates new code and files based on annotation usages. If you’d like to know more about code generation and make your development process more productive and fun, continue reading! (Also, if you want a TL;DR version, … Read more