Creamy German Potato Salad (Cremiger Kartoffelsalat)

My Oma Sieghilde’s creamy German potato salad (‘cremiger Kartoffelsalat’ in German) with lots of dill pickles, eggs, Wiener sausages, and (you guessed it) plenty of potatoes, makes a great contribution to an outdoor or indoor outing with family and friends. When I spend time in Germany in the summers, it’s a must-have for grilling outsideserved … Read more

German Hot Dogs- The History of an Iconic “All American” Food

People who study these things say that the average American eats 60 Hot Dogs each year….grilled, steamed, boiled… flung from peddlers in Ballparks, off a rolling cooker in a 7-11, or out of a vendor’s cart. But the BEST hot dogs, are the German Hot Dogs. These snappy wonders with their tight casings that burst … Read more

German Grilled Pork Chops (Authentic Schwenkbraten)

This grilled pork chop recipe is addicting! The dry-rub marinated pork is a specialty from Germany’s Saarland region, where my dad lives. It’s the number one thing to hit the grill there during summertime. This Is A Sponsored Post That Contains Affiliate Links Best Grilled Pork Chops The secret to making the best, tender, and … Read more

Weisswurst- Traditional German White sausage

No other sausage is as typical for the Octoberfest, as the Weisswurst, the famous Bavarian white sausage. They are delicious served warm with some sweet mustard (affiliate link) and a Bavarian Pretzel on the side. A cool Weißbier (Wheat beer) will finish off this traditional meal. Let’s have a look in detail at this famous … Read more

Zwiebelschnitzel – German Schnitzel with Onion Gravy

Home » Recipes » German Recipes Published: Jun 28, 2022 Modified: Jun 28, 2022 by Angela Schofield · Leave a Comment Zwiebelschnitzel is a delicious German schnitzel with a lusciously aromatic onion sauce.The dish appears to be elaborate, but the recipe is simple and quick to prepare, and it is incredibly tasty. While pork is … Read more