How To Invest In Nike Stock With Little Money

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  • So, when comparing one stock to another in a different industry, it’s best make relative comparisons to that stock’s respective industry values.
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  • Public companies are capped with respect to how many shares they’re allowed to have in circulation, which is enforced by the SEC.
  • The Average True Range for NIKE Inc. is set at 2.96, with the Price to Sales ratio for NKE stock in the period of the last 12 months amounting to 3.85.
  • But, typically, an aggressive growth trader will be interested in the higher growth rates.
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The consumer discretionary sector is filled with companies that have strong brands. These are the types of companies that consumers are loyal to and are willing to pay a premium for. So, if you’re looking for the best consumer discretionary stocks to buy, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What Is A Stock Split?

Others look for those that have lagged the market, believing those are the ones ripe for the biggest increases to come. Zacks’ proprietary data indicates that NIKE, Inc. is currently rated as a Zacks Rank 4 and we are expecting a below average return from the NKE shares relative to the market in the next few months. Its Value Score of D indicates it would be a bad pick for value investors.

Investing in Nike Inc Stock

The financial health and growth prospects of NKE, demonstrate its potential to underperform the market. Recent price changes and earnings estimate revisions indicate this stock lacks momentum and would be a lackluster choice for momentum investors. Some causes of volatility for consumer discretionary stocks can include changes in interest rates. This is because low interest rates make it cheaper for companies to borrow money, which can be used to invest in growth.

Nike, Inc

The debt to equity ratio can be calculated by dividing the present total liabilities of a company by shareholders’ equity. Based on careful and fact-backed analyses by Wall Street experts, the current consensus on the target price for NKE shares is $138.59 per share. Analysis on target price and performance of stocks is usually carefully studied by market experts, and the current Wall Street consensus on NKE stock is a recommendation set at 2.10.

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Down 36%, Investors Should Buy the Dip on This Best-In-Class Retail Stock.

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For best practices on efficiently downloading information from, including the latest EDGAR filings, visit Please declare your traffic by updating your user agent to include company specific information. Enterprise Value / Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization is a valuation metric used to measure a company’s value and is helpful in comparing one stock to another. The VGM score is based on the trading styles of Growth, VAlue, and Momentum.

What Are Todays Traded Volumes Of Nike, Inc

However, equities are dependent on the financial state of the company, so anyone who’s willing to foot possible losses in the hopes of positive growth should consider Nike. If you plan to sell it shortly after you see some increase in the price, you might use different position management tools. You can set the target price at which you want to sell the share with a profit, or use the stop-loss to set a price at which you want to sell the share to avoid further losses. Because you need money to buy Nike stocks, you’ll need to deposit money into your stock account. An author, teacher & investing expert with nearly two decades experience as an investment portfolio manager and chief financial officer for a real estate holding company. Of course, asset allocation is one of the premier principles that helps investors to balance the risk profile of their portfolio.

Less than 1 means its liabilities exceed its short-term assets (cash, inventory, receivables, etc.). A ratio of 2 means its assets are twice that of its liabilities. A ‘good’ number would usually fall within the range of 1.5 to 3. Like most ratios, this number will vary from industry to industry.

An easier way on how to invest in Nike stock is to send the money directly to your broker. This is usually super easy and quick, actually even easier than opening your brokerage account. This is like a regular bank account and it is done fully online.

Because stock price directly affects the weighting in this index, it’s a component considered for acceptance into the Dow. Companies with high share prices may not be admitted if they would disrupt the weighting too greatly. System response and account access times may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading nike reviews volumes, market conditions, system performance, and other factors. But for those who are willing to take on some risk, there can be a lot of rewards to be had for those who invest in consumer discretionary stocks. The consumer discretionary sector is often one of the most volatile sectors in the stock market.

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And within the M Industry, it might further be delineated into the X Industry group called Banks Northeast. This allows the investor to be as broad or as specific as they want to be when selecting stocks. That means you want to buy stocks with a Zacks Rank #1 or #2, Strong Buy or Buy, which also has a Score of an A or a B.


Brokerage accounts provide ample access to the far reaches of the investment market. Although stocks like Nike are some of the most popular investments, you could also buy bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and more. Brokerages rarely institute minimum investment requirements, but trading commissions typically sit around $6.95, depending on how you complete your order. Most often, a company foresees major growth on the horizon and it wants to keep shares at an accessible price for retail investors. The stock also becomes more accessible to employees who receive stock-based compensation, like they do at Tesla. The 1 week price change reflects the collective buying and selling sentiment over the short-term.

This sector can be volatile, so it’s important to have a long-term perspective. These companies are the ones that are most likely to see their stock prices rise as they grow. At the time of this writing, the total market value of the company is set at 179.77B, as it employees total of workers.

Tesla is near its limit after the last split and public offering and only has the bandwidth to issue a 2-to-1 split under current conditions without shareholder approval. A company’s competitive advantages can be measured by its market share and its competitive position in its industry. A company with a large market share is typically more dominant in its industry, while a company with a strong competitive position is typically more protected from competition. A company’s financial stability can be measured by its debt-to-equity ratio, which is a good indicator of its ability to pay its debts. A company with a lower debt-to-equity ratio is typically more financially stable than a company with a higher ratio. Investing in the consumer discretionary sector can be a great way to achieve long-term growth.

Some of the best consumer discretionary stocks to buy have brand names that are recognized around the world. These companies have built up a lot of equity in their brands and can command a higher price for their products. A steep rise in short interest was recorded in NIKE Inc. stocks on Jul 14, 2022, growing by 2.01 million shares to a total of 14.86 million shares. Yahoo Finance data shows the prior-month short interest on Jun 14, 2022 was 12.85 million shares. There was a rise of 13.53%, which implies that there is a positive sentiment for the stock.

Investors use this metric to determine how a company’s stock price stacks up to its intrinsic value. In other words, consider the 3-to-1 stock split in regard to a stock priced at $300. If you owned one share of the company, on the day of the stock split, that one $300 share would turn into three $100 shares.

If the stock split were to occur at this price, it would result in an individual share price of $288.17, with three times as many shares in circulation. Consolidation is not right for everyone, so you should carefully consider your options. When you’re looking for the best consumer discretionary stocks to buy, you want to find companies with strong growth prospects. Look for companies that are expanding into new markets or launching new products. The consumer discretionary sector can be a great place to find growth stocks.

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