Savory Vegetable Strudel with Puff Pastry

Vegetable Strudel is a classic of the savory strudel recipes. Filled with broccoli, carrots, and zucchini it is the perfect easy dinner. It is also perfect for using up leftover vegetables and by using puff pastry, making this strudel was never easier. This recipe is easily adaptable for vegans and vegetarians. What is Strudel? Strudel … Read more

Obatzda (Authentic German Beer Cheese Dip from Bavaria)

Obatzda is the most Addictive beer and cheese dip or spread to help pretzels travel into your mouth! The rustic and authentic camembert cream cheese base is enhanced with onions, chives and paprika. It’s the perfect snack to go with pretzels and beer for a game night with friends or an Oktoberfest party. What Is … Read more

Pfannkuchen – German Pancakes – All Tastes German

Home » Recipes » German Recipes Published: Sep 2, 2022 Modified: Sep 2, 2022 by Angela Schofield · Leave a Comment There’s nothing quite like a freshly made Pfannkuchen. Traditional German pancakes are delicious and oh-so versatile. Whether you’re fillings them with sweet toppings or serving them savory style, they’re always a hit. And the … Read more

The BEST Fried Chicken Wings (Flieten)

This Post Contains Affiliate Links Summer has me craving Fried Chicken Wings (also called Flieten), a German specialty from my hometown Trier. These are crispy, non-breaded chicken wings that are dry-rubbed with an addictive homemade seasoning. The seasoning is heavy in sweet paprika powder with hints of curry, oregano and cayenne pepper and it’s SO … Read more

Authentic German Schnitzel with Jager Sauce –

Jagerschnitzel is probably one of the most iconic German dishes. It’s the ideal marriage of a great German schnitzel served with the most delectable mushroom gravy. This classic German recipe features the authentic Jägerschitzel with brown mushroom gravy. Surprise your family and friends with this traditional German dish that tastes like it came from a … Read more

German Plum Cake – Pflaumenkuchen – Zwetschgendatschi

Pflaumenkuchen, or German plum cake, is a rich and delectable German streusel sheet cake with just the right amount of sweetness. I’m so glad you landed on this recipe because I’m so excited to show you how simple it is to create this traditional German cake from scratch in just 30 minutes of active working … Read more