Jetpack Compose bottom sheet over Android view using Kotlin extension | by Ziv Kesten | Jun, 2022

This article will teach us how to build Kotlin extensions for Activity and fragment to display bottom sheets using Jetpack compose. Photo by Ziv Kesten One of the sleekest UI components out there is the Bottom sheet, a view that pops up from the bottom of the screen to display some information or represent an … Read more

The Creamiest White Asparagus Soup (Spargelsuppe)

Here is the recipe for the most luxurious, creamiest German asparagus soup (Spargelsuppe) recipe! Bookmark it now and make it next time you get your hands on some white gold (or use the jarred version). This Is A Sponsored Post That Contains Affiliate Links A Spargelzeit Soup Recipe This ‘sparkling’ Spargelsuppe is the Creamiest white … Read more

How Simple Repetition Helps You Learn Dutch Fast

Intro Peter: Listeners, what’s the one phrase you learned and remember super well? Chigusa: Chances are… you remember it so well because you’ve heard it and said it so many times… Peter: And this repetition is a guaranteed way to learn a language… and remember everything… Chigusa: And in this Sunday News, you’ll discover…. Peter: … Read more

Unpacking Android Security: Part 2 — Insecure Data Storage | by Ed Holloway-George | Jun, 2022

Photo credit: Mak 👋 Hi and welcome to the second post in this series where we deep-dive into Android Security. This series focuses on the Top 10 Mobile security threats as determined by The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Foundation, the leading application security community in our field. Before checking this post, please consider … Read more

Dutch June 2022 Review – Your First Steps to Learning a Language: The Fundamentals Welcome Pack

Hey everyone, welcome to the Monthly Review! The monthly show on language learning. Where you discover new learning strategies, motivational tips, study tools, and resources. By the way, all the lessons and bonuses you’re about to see can be downloaded for free on our website. So, click the link in the description right now to … Read more

Sponge Cake with Strawberries & Cream Filling (Erdbeerrolle)

Want a fresh strawberry cake in one hour? Make this light and fluffi German, rolled-up sponge cake filled with strawberry cream and fresh strawberry pieces (Erdbeerrolle)! It’s just the right way to celebrate the strawberry season! One of my favorites growing up, this recipe is easy, dangerously delicious and looks impressive! Another must-try strawberry recipe … Read more